Developing Ethical Fitness in Your Organization

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Developing Ethical Fitness in Your Organization

In this course we will discuss how to teach and re-enforce ethical principles to individuals and within organizations.  Just like physical exercise, we all need to have the necessary equipment and practice to make us ethically fit.  This course will help you develop the basics of an ethics training program that is consistent with the requirements in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO).

We are often told to be ethical, and make ethical decisions, but are not provided with the tools to help us make ethical decisions.  Ethical decisions usually mean making a choice between two rights and includes balancing various needs in order to make what is considered an ethical decision.  This is what makes ethical decision making so hard, because there doesn’t seem to be one correct answer.  We discuss ethical decision making models and explain how you can develop a model for your organization that helps your employees make the best decision possible. 

Once you have developed the tools for making ethical decisions it is necessary to train and communicate to employees.  Employees need these tools to make ethical decisions.  We will also discuss training, communication, incentives, and performance evaluations and how ethical tools can be built into all of them, reinforcing your organization’s ethical guidelines and decision making model.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the core human values upon which any ethical decision should be made.
  • Define the types of ethical decisions and which are applicable to the decision you need to make: truth vs. loyalty, long-term vs. short-term, individual vs. group, or short-term vs. long-term.
  • Familiarize yourself with commonly accepted ethical decision making models and recognize the common elements necessary for developing an ethical decision making model in your organization.
  • Consider classical ethics philosophies and determine how to apply them into your own ethical decision making model.
  • Provide your employees with the tools, resources and examples of ethical decision making models they can use in everyday life.
  • Determine how you can apply these concepts into training and communication processes at your organization to teach employees ethical fitness.

What People Are Saying

Great course. I like how Jason used the Seven Dwarfs analogy to make his point about the 7 ethical must-haves.


I liked the thoroughness of this course in discussing the topic area. Also, having several different ethics models to consider helped bring perspective.

Keith Johnson
Waterjet Holdings

This ethics module was taught in a very interesting a relatable way. I like the fitness metaphor and all different decision models.

Chantell Haines

Clear. Informative. Interesting. Thank you.

Elena Casey

Instructor manages to keep ethics interesting - not an easy feat.

Christian Fregin
Schlafly Beer

Great course, Jason. The training discussed a lot of key concepts, and overall was very informative.

Raveendran Madappattu
Adept Professional Services

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