An Introduction to Principled Performance®

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An Introduction to Principled Performance®

Principled Performance® is the reliable achievement of objectives, while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity.  It is the reason why we take a GRC approach to business.

In this training we provide an introduction to Principled Performance® to acquaint people with the bigger picture as to why we implement GRC capabilities at organizations.  Understanding the larger, strategic perspective makes it easier to design, implement, and gain commitment from the board and management for an integrated GRC capability.

We also explain the benefits of being a Principled Performer, and why it is so important for organizations to take this approach in today's fast moving, transparent business environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why Principled Performance® is so important in today's economy
  • How to reliably achieve objectives, while addressing uncertainty, and acting with integrity
  • How Principled Performance® relates to governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)
  • The benefits of being a Principled Performer

Principled Performance® is a registered trademark of OCEG, used with permission.

What People Are Saying

Taking up a GRC approach to Principled Performance presents a wealth of opportunity for uncovering, creating, growing and safeguarding value for the enterprise!

Colin Tong

I must say that his presentations, knowledge and practical skills have been among the best I have seen among fellow practitioners.

Paul Zalle
PMZ Consulting

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