We have created valuable on-line, on-demand training options that provide you with access to one of the world's leading, and most sought after business trainers in the world, our Founder and President, Jason Mefford.

These on-demand trainings allow you the opportunity to be trained by leading experts on your time schedule, in the comfort of your home or office.

We offer various on-line trainings including the following:

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Ethical Decision Making Models

In this course we discuss models and tools for making ethical decisions.  We are often told to be ethical, and make ethical decisions, but are not provided with the tools to help us make ethical decisions.  

Ethical decisions usually mean make a choice between two rights and includes balancing various needs in order to make what is considered an ethical decision.  This is what makes ethical decision making so hard, because there doesn’t seem to be one correct answer.

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An Introduction to Principled Performance®

Principled Performance® is the reliable achievement of objectives, while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity.  It is the reason why we take a GRC approach to business.

In this training we provide an introduction to Principled Performance® to acquaint people with the bigger picture as to why we implement GRC capabilities at organizations.  Understanding the larger, strategic perspective makes it easier to design, implement, and gain commitment from the board and management for an integrated GRC capability.

We also explain the benefits of being a Principled Performer, and why it is so important for organizations to take this approach in today's fast moving, transparent business environment.

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Developing Ethical Fitness in Your Organization

In this course we will discuss how to teach and re-enforce ethical principles to individuals and within organizations.  Just like physical exercise, we all need to have the necessary equipment and practice to make us ethically fit.

This course will help you develop the basics of an ethics training program that is consistent with the requirements in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO).

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Mefford CIA Review Course

We have produced a unique learning experience that combines:

  • The best CIA® exam review materials in the world
  • With the benefit of being taught by one of the world's leading internal audit trainers, through on-demand video lectures, so you can study on your schedule

A CIA® Exam Preparation option only available through Mefford Associates.

This provides you with the unique opportunity to self-study using The IIA materials and also participate in on-demand lecture modules.

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