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GRC Audit Modules #1-#3

In these three modules, you'll learn about the GRCA certification process, Principled Performance, the OCEG GRC Capability Model, how to use the GRC Capability Model for risk assessments, risk-based auditing, how to use the GRC Assessment Toolkit (Burgundy Book) to perform GRC audits, and how to obtain organizational certification on a GRC capability.
Lecture time = 105 minutes.

Audit Basics Module

In this module you’ll learn about the auditor's role in the organization, steps to an audit project, appropriate criteria to use in a GRC audit, who should perform the audits, and considerations when performing GRC audit.
Lecture time = 24 minutes

Professional Audit Standards Module

In this module, you'll learn how auditors use professional audit standards when performing audits. Audit standards vary around the world depending on geography, type of audit engagement, and type of auditor. We use as examples standards from the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to help illustrate how auditors use professional standards.
Lecture time = 15 minutes.

Attributes of an Auditor Module

In this module, you'll learn the concepts of independence, objectivity, and due professional care - attributes that are necessary for one to perform audits in a professional manner, with a high-level of assurance.
Lecture time = 16 minutes.

Planning Audits Module

In this module, you'll learn how to plan audits. This includes determining the objective and scope of the audit, understanding the applicable criteria, processes, controls, and identifying the information available to audit, so the auditor can develop a work program.
Lecture time = 9 minutes.

Performing Audits Module

In this module, you'll learn about audit testing methods, sampling, and documentation when performing audits.
Lecture time = 30 minutes.

Report and Monitor Audit Results Module

In this module, you'll learn how to report the results from the audit to stakeholders, and ways in which the auditor can monitor recommendations from the audit to ensure those recommendation are implemented.
Lecture time = 10 minutes.

Total Course Time = 4 Hours of CPE

Nicholas Holdcraft

“I took the GRC Audit course and found it to be well organized. Mr. Mefford did an amazing job at explaining the concepts is a clear manner, and I found the course extremely interesting. Upon completing the course I was able to obtain my GRC Audit certification from OCEG. I am so pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their career in GRC.”

Nicholas Holdcraft President and COO at GOVECS

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Once you have obtained your GRC Professional (GRCP) certification from OCEG, this training course provides you with the training necessary to obtain your GRC Audit (GRCA) certification.

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